Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL
Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL
Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL
Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL
Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL
Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL
Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL
Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL
Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL
Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL
Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL

Anonymous SL-01 NATURAL

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Leather strap exceedingly close to genuine product

*A camera is not included. Only a strap is sold.


'Anonymous' is...

I (the owner of 'Anonymous', SEKI) ask my favorite respective designers to make exclusive items only for Anonymous. Those exclusive items are attached neither brand names nor shop’s original name. I would like customers to make their decisions to purchase by “How they are”, not by “Whose brands they are”. 

Why did I think of opening such a shop now? There are so many brands in the world nowadays, however, I feel that customers are confused and have lost appropriate ways to choose the brand. I decided to open this shop to wish costumers could have opportunities to find new styles of fashion and how to enjoy.


The themes of this leather strap are these two.

"The design exceedingly close to genuine product"


"Almost reversible specification"

The reason why most of people use a genuine strap which they get when they buy a camera is they don't dislike it.

In spite of the fact, genuine product is made with compromise in terms of cost.

Material is light and easy to use, however, I would never say it has a high quality feeling.

Then, the size of this strap is based on FUJIFILM's genuine product, and make it wider to fit well.

It is made of luxury Italian cow leather. Lots of oil is soaked into a leather, therefore, it is soft and fits well with your hands. 

You can use it like a genuine synthetic leather.

We often use it like the picture, so we want to avoid hardness from leather.

Of course, the more we use leather goods, the more charm they has. Moreover, this strap has a strong point which is to fit well with your hands at the beginning of use.

In addition, "Almost reversible specification" was a point which a production designer of this strap wanted to improve.

A genuine strap has nylon tape on both sides in main synthetic leather. We sometimes bother from this tape when we use, and there are the front side with a logo and the back side with non-slip fabric.
He used to have a stress to confirm the front and back sides when he took it in his hands.
We thought of using a rotating metaling parts to improve this matter at first. However, we found the more simple solution to use a round cord. We made it with the same material for main part of the front and back. Then of course, there is no logo.


Size: L1100mm, D25mm (main part)

Diameter of round cord: 5mm

Double ring attached to a strap has changed to one size smaller than the sample picture. (Inner diameter: 10mm)

Withstand load for use: 2kg


FUJIFILM's genuine products are used for sample pictures, because the owner is an FUJIFILM user. But of course, you can use this strap for other Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera or Rangefinder Camera such as LEICA.

However, we do not recommend to use it for professional full-sized Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera because the depth of strap is not enough.

Also, there is a possibility not to be able to attach depends on specifications of cameras.
If your camera is a type using triangle metal fittings, there is no problem to attach the strap.


This product is SL-01 natural color (case leather).

It was made because I thought classic natural colored strap goes well with silver bodies.

This is also a leather strap which soaked oil like a black one, therefore a darker shade of case leather than normal one even it is new. The more it is used, the more color is changed to yellowish-brown.

Color unevenness and stain will appear easily on this case leather like a picture, so I recommend this to people like these tastes.

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