Collection: Anonymous

Anonymous is a new shop, which means, “A market dealing with anonymous items.”

It is a select shop, however, its feature is “Does not deal with any brands”.


I ask my favorite respective designers to make exclusive items only for Anonymous.

Those exclusive items are attached neither brand names nor shop’s original name.

I would like customers to make their decisions to purchase by “How they are”, not by “Which brands they are”.

To help their decisions, I show documentaries of background stories of each item to tell why, how and through what it was made.


Why did I think of opening such a shop now?

There are so many brands in the world nowadays, however, I feel that customers are confused and have lost appropriate ways to choose the brand.

I decided to open this shop to wish costumers could have opportunities to find new styles of fashion and how to enjoy.


Designers can be apart from their brands, so they can have somewhere like an experimental place to make what they have been keeping in their mind for ages or something new to try.

Anonymous owes for all productions. I hope that I can assist their productions freely.