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SH-GMBT-011 New Ai-Doro (Natural Garment Dye)

SH-GMBT-011 New Ai-Doro (Natural Garment Dye)

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The special product produced in collaboration with KANAIKOUGEI in Amami Oshima.
The traditional hand-dyeing process remains unchanged, but the materials have been updated for the new 2024 edition of this limited edition shirt.
First, the shirt is dyed with natural indigo and then dyed with mud. The deep black color overlaps with the indigo color, creating a unique color. With repeated use, the indigo color underneath the black color comes out due to friction and aging.

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The most basic regular collar shirt of S H.
S H's exclusive fabric with Supima cotton in the warp and a rough yarn with a slight nep in the weft, creating a special atmosphere with a mix of elegance and casual feel.
A variant oxford in which the number of warp and weft yarns is the opposite of the usual number.




Shoulder Width:47cm

Back Length:76cm

Chest Circumference:118cm

Sleeve Length:87cm



Shoulder Width:49cm

Back Length:78cm

Chest Circumference:122cm

Sleeve Length:89cm


100% Cotton

Made in JAPAN

Due to the natural dyeing process, some areas of this product may be unevenly colored.

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